17 Ways to Celebrate Halloween during COVID

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1. You've Been Booed

Think of this like May Day Baskets, only Halloween themed. Instead of going out trick or treating this Halloween, make little baskets with halloween treats to leave on the neighbors’ porches and ding dong ditch. It’s a great way to spread holiday spook while staying safe.

2. Costume Parade

Work with your neighborhood to organize a costume parade down the street and all of the adults toss candy to the kids in the street. Of course, making sure all the kids keep their 6 feet apart this could be a fun reversal on a typical parade and a fun way to celebrate safely.

3. Candy Hunt

Organize an outdoor (weather permitted) candy hunt. Do this in a large enough area and with a small amount of kids to keep it as no contact as possible. The kids won’t even miss going house to house!

4. Road Trip Decorations Drive

Get dressed up in your costumes and take a car ride around town looking at all of the fun decorations. Even listen to some spooky music to set the mood! 

5. Trunk or Treat

This isn’t exactly a new tradition but we think it’ll be a lot more popular in 2020. Work with your neighbor hood to arrange a trunk or treat get together where all the kids can come get candy or trinkets out of the trunk.

6. Boo Baskets

Think of Easter baskets except for Halloween. Fill the basket with lots of candy (of course), fun trinkets, a spooky movie perhaps? Whatever will help the kids have a fun day!

6. Self Serve Candy

Another one that’s been around a while but is more appropriate for 2020. Set out a bowl with candy and let kids pick for themselves. That way you can watch from the window and everyone stays distanced apart.

6. Pre Packaged Treat Bags

If you want to do something a little extra special for the neighborhood kids, get these pre-packaged covid themed treat bags!

7. Host a Virtual Costume Party with friends and family

8. Halloween of Ghosts Past

Find pictures of your kids in their costumes from previous years and make into a book, read it together and tell your memory.

9. Best Decorated Award

Craft home made ribbons, or print a coloring page that says “we picked your yard as the best decorated yard” attach to a Treat Bag and leave at someones door. Kids could pick their own favorites.

10. Give some Halloween Smiles

Dress up in costumes and walk outside of a nursing home windows, in the gathering areas etc. You might put a smile on a residents face. Call ahead and find out if this ok, and where their dining hall is, what time of day etc.

10. Paint Halloween Kindness Rocks

Make Halloween Cards for a Pediatric ward at your local hospital, nursing home, veterans center etc

11. Candy Sticks

Tape candy to bamboo skewers or any other kind of sticks. Then put them in your yard for kids to come and take from a safe distance. 

12. Candy Hang in Tree

Tie the candy to some string and hang them in tress. The kids will enjoy being able to grab freely and still stay safe. 

13. Full Moon Family Celebration

There will be a full moon on Oct 31 this year. That only happens every 18 or 19 years, also a Blue moon, meaning its the second full moon this month. Celebrate with your close family in the back yard.

13. Local Drive in Movies

Check for local drive in movies. You can stay safe, eat some candy, and watch a spooky movie.

Photo by John Benitez on Unsplash

14. Local Drive Tru Halloween

A lot of local communities are coming up with drive-thru events to celebrate Halloween. Check Facebook or other local sites for events.

15. Make and Delivery Cards

Make Halloween Cards for a Pediatric ward at your local hospital, nursing home, veterans center etc.

16. Pumpkin Piñata

Make or buy a halloween themed piñata and smash it in the backyard.

17. Online Escape Room


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