5 Easy July 4th Kid Activities during Social Distancing

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1. Kid's Fireworks stand

This is great for all ages and can easily be setup and taken down. Get out some monopoly money and a stand or table that they can “sell” their fireworks at. I guarantee the kids will love selling it as much as they love doing the sparklers on Independence Day.

Image courtesy of @lifewjess via Twenty20

2. 4th of July themed face paint!

Everyone loves getting a little something on their face, it makes them feel extra special. Get out some paint and paint a firework flag, or something red white and blue. Great for all ages, young and old.

image courtesy of @wildebeest via Twenty20

3. July 4th Sidewalk Chalk

You know you’ve got some sidewalk chalk around the house, just about every parent does. Now’s the time to break it out. Red, white, and blue will do the trick. Challenge everyone to draw a firework and vote on it as a family.

image courtesy of @wdnesday via Twenty20

4. Dress extra for Independence Day

Since you’re stuck at home during Covid and no one outside of your immediate family will see it, use it as an opportunity to get goofy. Kids love wearing special clothes, find anything red white and blue that you have laying around and let them wear it. Turn it into a contest to see who can wear the most July 4th pieces out of their closet.

image courtesy of @lilyhazze via Twenty20

5. Turn your food into July 4th Stars

Don’t forget about your food. If you’ve got a star cookie cutter around, let your kids punch stars out of fruit, cookies, cheese, anything they can really. They’ll enjoy doing it and you’ll get a break from doing all the prep.


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